Sr District Choir Results

Congratulations to the following students for making Sr. District Choir: Kaitya Baker, Olivia Brewer, Katya Dowler, Madeline Fowler, Maggie Gilman, Kassie Hackler, Emma Horton and Andrew Temple.

Several of these students also received high scores in their audition rooms: Olivia Brewer - 2nd place and Madeline Fowler 7th place out of 67 Alto 2 singers, Andrew Temple - 6th place out of 15 Tenor 1 singers, Maggie Gilman - 8th place out of 75 Soprano 2 singers, and Kaitya Baker - 9th place out of 75 Alto 1 singers. Congratulations!

Jr District Audition Results Announcements

Congratulations to the following students for making Jr. District Choir: Caroline Bell, Sara Bell, Roan Brown, Christal Clarke, Annali Fowler, Omaha Moon, Zach Moore, Ella Richardson, Mariah Sharpe, Kaleigh Temple, and Kara Temple!

Several of these students also received high scores in their audition rooms: Zach Moore - 1st place Bass, Christal Clarke - 2nd place Soprano 1, Annali Fowler - 6th place Soprano 1, Kaleigh Temple - 5th place Alto 1. Congratulations!!!

Jr District Audition Reminder

Jr. District Choir auditions are this Saturday, November 4. Mrs. Baxter is available to work on audition music after school on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. Please let her know if you will be staying after school.

We will leave GW at 6:45am. You may bring cell phones and chargers and snacks. Please eat breakfast before you arrive. We will return around 10:45am.

If you haven't already, please turn in your permission slip and $5 as soon as possible. Thank you!

Concert Reminder

Our Fall Concert is Thursday at 7pm in the GWHS auditorium. Admission is $5 for adults, 18 & under are free.

Students are required to attend the following two events this week as outlined in their class syllabus:

  • Dress Rehearsal 3:30-5 in the GWHS auditorium. Middle school students can either be driven to GWHS by whomever picks them up from school or may ride a bus to GW. Students do not wear concert attire.
  • Concert - Students report to the GWHS band room dressed in their concert attire by 6:30pm.

Middle School Concert Attire

  • Boys - White button up or polo shirt. Black pants. Black socks. Black Shoes
  • Girls - White button up, polo shirt or blouse. Black pants or school appropriate length skirt. Black shoes. No yoga pants.

High School concert attire was previously purchased by students or provided by the GW Choir.

Please email Mrs. Baxter with any questions: Thank you!